Motivation imageMotivation
All the great ideas without actions are underachieved dreams. Ideas can transform into reality only by the deed of actions. A number of people do have innovative ideas, but only a few among them gets the opportunity to turn it into action. Finding the right people with the right skills and financial investments are the major hurdles. Through Idea2Company, we help young entrepreneurs to realize their ideas into successful companies. Our services are organized for young companies as well as for big companies. Currently, we are offering product management and job board services and we shall expand in the future. All the services have the purpose of making the lives of young entrepreneurs easier.

People get ideas all time. Unfortunately most people do not pursue them further, basically the ideas perish.
Conversion of an idea in a successful business is a complex and long term process. It involves development of concept from an idea, market analysis, business feasibility study and actual implementation. To implement a concept needs a competent team. Searching a suitable team-mate is challenging and time consuming task.
80% of start-ups fail in first three years. That is the most dangerous time-frame for a start-up. To increase probability of success, it important to reduce risk, optimise resource utilisation and focus on core competencies.

 What do we offer?

  • Product realisation strategy from idea
  • Finding right people
  • Investment
  • Networking

Ideal candidates

  • Creative people who have an idea but lack in business knowledge
  • Teams who wants to define product and its realisation plan
  • People who needs help for non-core activities
  • Start-ups who are looking for new funding
  • People who are looking for team members




New! imageNew!
Startup landscape is complicated. Some entrepreneurs face problems with investments, idea development or product management. To understand that landscape properly, we have a survey, it takes 2-3 minutes of your time and provide us information. It can be taken without giving your information.





product management imageProduct management
The product management consultation is aimed towards developing an idea into successful products. Based on our previous experiences, it helps to avoid common mistakes, optimize development cycle and time to market.







Job board imageJob board
Our job board service helps in finding the right people with the required skill level in a small amount of time. Getting applications of target candidates, ranking them as per education, skills, experience and conducting interviews is a time consuming task. Our job board will optimize that process and reduce the time significantly. This will allow you to focus more on your core business. You can find our job board on





Work with us imageWork with us
We have a purpose for our existence, we are looking for people who share our vision. If you are interested to work with us, kindly write us directly with a good motivational letter and resume.





Contact us imageContact us
We love to hear your questions, suggestions, and new ideas which help us to serve better. We shall get in touch with you as soon as possible. Follow us on social media ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to receive the latest news from us.

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