Vikas Pisal - Founder imageVikas Pisal - Founder

After spending around 14 years in project management, business analysis in information technology and mechatronics area, I have realized there are many young people with a dream. Sometimes the young entrepreneurs lack in some areas. My objective is to help them in achieving their dreams.

If you have an Idea and want to make a a successful company then contact me.
See you soon... :)





Sai Prakash Polakonda - Social media

If you follow our social media then you certainly know me. I like to write about start-up news and innovative ideas. Most passionate thing for me is automobile.

I am also interested in A.I, future technologies and sustainable engineering. Some things I deeply care about is global education change, girl education and women’s empowerment.
You may contact me if you want to brainstorm the technology related stuff.





Felix Straube - Communication

Having some years experience in the software industry, later switching to the Electrical Energy Business, I developed a great interest in the communication with the client and a big desire to meet his needs and excel his expectations.